Carrying the Cross to Columbine

Carrying the Cross to Columbine

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In Carrying the Cross to Columbine, you will travel with Garlin Newton as he carries a cross 700 miles, on arthritic knees and two hernias, from Oklahoma City to Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, to encourage unrestricted Christian prayer in public schools.


Newton's walk, following the Columbine tragedy, drew national media attention.


An excerpt from Carrying the Cross from Columbine

They ran another check on me, which was the third time that day. All the troopers on Highway 50 knew where I was going and who I was by then. I was getting used to being stopped and them running checks on me.

The big trooper asked, “Who are you and where are you going?”

“Garlin Newton,” I said as Channel 3 News from Wichita drove by, spun around, and started back toward us. The patrolman looked at the news vehicle and back at me. I said, “I’m walking across Kansas on Highway 50 to Littleton, Colorado.”

His attitude had changed. He smiled one of those smiles we all have seen, a you-know-I’m-smiling-but-I-really-don’t-want-to smile.

I told him, “I’ll try not to speed.”

He handed my driver’s license back, turned, and walked to his car as fast as he could. And he drove off before he got the results of his check. He couldn’t seem to get out of there fast enough after the news people showed up.