The Cup of Racial Reconciliation

The Cup of Racial Reconciliation

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The Cup of Racial Reconciliation

    The Cup of Racial Reconciliation shares the Lord’s solution to racial strife and invites Christian American Africans to model the God kind of love to those who have often hurt them most.

Such love action is valuable:

It is important that American Africans and Caucasians reconcile now because you will need each other in the days ahead.

—Word of Knowledge, 10.2010, CoFG enewsletter

    Have you asked:

    What is God’s solution to racial strife?

    What are the steps to Godly restoration?

    How can American Africans walk in their destinies?

    The answers to these questions and others are found in The Cup of Racial Reconciliation.

     Reader Quotes:
  •     “Should be read by Caucasians and other races as well. I learned much from you towards reconciliation between all differing barriers, racial and otherwise.”—R. D., AZ

  •     “Needs to be circulated amongst all predominately African American churches.”—Pastor S., OK 

  • “Serves as a catalyst to provide much needed knowledge.”—M.E. Miller, Atlanta

      The Cup of Racial Reconciliation is a book for those in the Kingdom who walk as one and those who want to. An American African Restoration Resource used in seminars and workshops, The Cup of Racial Reconciliation serves as a Kingdom tool to equip families, church leaders, ministries, counselors, teachers, students, employers and employees for the greatest witnesses of Jesus Christ, Oneness.

      If you hunger for racial reconciliation, vibrant racial unity and American African restoration, this is the resource you’re looking for.

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        Looking for those in the Kingdom who walk as one. And those who want to learn how.

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