The Cup of Racial Reconciliation 2 for $19.99

The Cup of Racial Reconciliation 2 for $19.99

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2 for $19.99

The Cup of Racial Reconciliation invites Christian American Africans to model the God kind of love to the world through Godly principles that lead to deeper fellowship with the Lord, greater health and wholeness and vibrant Kingdom unity.

    Have you asked:

    Does God have a solution to the racial strife between American Africans and Caucasians?

    What are the personal benefits to ending racial strife?

    How can the Body of Christ operate in vibrant racial unity?

    Why were American Africans enslaved?

    What treasures—talents, skills and abilities—has God hidden in American Africans?

    How can the release of these treasures lead American Africans and others to their destinies?

    The answers to these questions and others are found in The Cup of Racial Reconciliation.

    This is the first book of American African restoration resources, material developed to address brokenness in American Africans and lead them to God’s destiny.

  •     “Should be read by Caucasians and other races as well. I learned much from you towards reconciliation between all differing barriers, racial and otherwise.”—R. D., AZ
  •     “Needs to be circulated amongst all predominately African American churches.”—Pastor S., OK


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