Songs of Zion

Songs of Zion

  • $ 23.99

Christian World War II Suspense 

   German conspirators steal the spear that Adolf Hitler believes gives him the power to rule the world with plans to use the theft to divide the Reich leaders, then convince the Allies to accept Germany’s conditional surrender.

    But Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler quickly discovers the lance is gone and dispatches his perfect Aryan Gestapo agent to track down the thief and return the spear, now in the hands of a beautiful Jewess and a daring OSS agent.

    Hunted by a malevolent Gestapo agent, they race from Berlin to Tunisia to overthrow Adolf Hitler and end World War II.

    The novel meshes fictional characters with historical figures, delves into the Nazi subculture, recreates the harsh environment of wartime Jews, and presents a death camp scene, blending these pieces into a twisting story that moves through several countries.

    Readers who like an intriguing story, fast-paced suspense, romance and living faith will find Songs of Zion enjoyable.


    “A hard book to put down. Well-crafted. Feel the chill.”—The Sunday Oklahoman

    “I stayed up till 2 AM to finish it! Excellent, well-fleshed characters, well-researched. Don’t miss Songs of Zion.”—Dave Kirby, WTBF radio “Book Bit” program, AL

    "A high-tension story of good and evil! Suspense, romance and living faith.”—Alan Caruba,

    “I absolutely love it! (It) kept me riveted! Unpredictable! [It’s] Jack Higgins meets The Silver Chalice with a little bit of Indiana Jones thrown in.”—Jennifer B., IL

    “Thrilling action/adventure. Grips you right away. Colbert's writing reminds me of Ken Follett.”—Jerry J., OK

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